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Taste the quality difference in baked goods that are baked fresh every day. We also pride ourselves in creating GE and preservative free goods. Don’t worry – we only sacrifice the bad stuff, not the flavour.

In striving for top quality, we have won awards – many awards! We pride ourselves in creating goods and displays that rank in the top three in New Zealand.

The Bakery Industry Association of New Zealand have awarded us various awards in the New Zealand Bakery of the Year competition. Some of these awards are for our bread display, cupcakes, sour dough bread, citron tarts, wedding cake decoration and more.


All ingredients we use are natural. There’s no catch. No conditions. No asterisk. We simply take pride in our work and want to deliver healthy baked goods.

We don’t take any shortcuts either. No pre-mixes are used because we believe good things take time.